Stem Cell Hair Growth Factor Program

Revolutionary Stem Cell Hair Growth Factors is the ultimate breakthrough in hair loss treatment, brought to you by Advanced Hair Studio, the largest hair replacement and regrowth company in the world.




20 years ago, world-leading bio-scientists uncovered the secrets behind our biological cells. These elite scientists persisted, delving into tens of thousands of cell research projects to better understand our cells, how they work and why they age.

Their profound game-changing discovery—Stem Cell Hair Growth Factors—showed how ‘re-activating’ signals that were previously ‘dormant’ could enable our cells to restore, repair and rejuvenate themselves once again.

The result of this cutting-edge bio-science exploration are Stem Cell Hair Growth Factors, which are able to increase hair growth by over 95%.

Designed for self-application, our easy, hygienic at-home program can be used in conjunction with Advanced Hair Studio’s Laser Therapy or as a stand-alone treatment.

Duration: 3 months


  • Microneedle Pen x 1
  • Growth Factors x 5 Vials (5ml)
  • Growth Factor Hair Tonic x 2 (15ml)
  • Medical Equipment